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Two Steps On How To Add Your Own Football Match Prediction

Step 1: If you are not a registered member, The first step, is to create a new account on MatchKik - You will have the possibility to add your own football and ice hockey prediction to different topic of your choice, also view predictions only from topics in which you are interested, follow predictions and rate tipsters.

Step 2: Is to click on the ladder icon/font with 3 steps close to your profile avatar. It will pop up "Add Prediction" which will give access to add your own Match Prediction and follow the instructions on the page.

Note: Be informed that you can only "add 2 match prediction per day" and each won prediction, 500 Naira will be added to your account and each lose prediction, 700 Naira will be deducted from your MatchKik Account. It's either leave your account negative or positive, which we used "+ and -" sign to differentiate.

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