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Mumbai Indians SRL vs Delhi Capitals SRL?

Today Simulatiled Reality league crickets Prediction, Match can be found on most nigeria booking, Each team name end with SRL. For example Mumbai Indians SRL is different from Mumbai Indians. The SRL at the back stand for Simulated Reality League Game.

League: Simulated Reality League Cricket SRL
Match Odds: 1.73
Match Prediction: Mumbai Indians SRL vs Delhi Capitals SRL - Mumbai Indians SRL to win this match

AD Admin post on 12 January 2021, 00:26 AM
3 Replies / 30 Views / Admin have Won 12, Lose 2 prediction this month/ 0 Votes
Admin 6579 Naira.
Replied a week ago (Edited a week ago)

@jackie Did that long ago... Your balance was 1073 before. You have 1 win and 1 lose plus the 2 new game. Making it 3 win and 1 lose recent.

Total 3 won = 1400 + previous balance 1073 - 700 lose game.


@Admin I made two predictions yesterday & both were successful, you still haven't added credits to my account.


Match ended not in favor of the tipster❌

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